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Various science and philosophy stuff

Einstein said that "the whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking." I'm always thinking and always refining my thoughts. Sadly I don't have as much time to fiddle with this website as I would like and as consquence some of the below ideas are past their sell-by date. (I have removed the links to some pages for which I could recall the content and felt needed major revision.) Read further at your own peril.

Science and evolution vs religion

What the hell is science, and just what good is it?

Science-just what is it?

Evolution vs God?

Creation vs Evolution: here we go again... (45 kb PDF)

Why moral relativism is for stupid people.

Various stuff that is perhaps of interest to you.

Just what is LATEX and why is it so great?

Freeshell and the Super Digital Fortress

Open Source Stuff

All will be well


Tropical Fish—some stuff about maintaining fishtanks and keeping killifish

My fishy history

Bettas and gouramies

Betta splendens


Betta links

Cichlid Adventures

Krib bits

Cichlid links

Fishy links


South African Killifish Society

Killifish from Gabon

Non-annual killifish

Annual killifish

A Guide to keeping killifish

Killifish Links

Trading Post

Current Fishlist

Rainbowfish and Blue-eyes

Breeding 'Bows and Blue-eyes

Rainbowfish links

Links—something useful/interesting, use it, don't use it...

Travels around the world

Marvelous Madagascar: a holiday

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