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This is a collection of killifish links I have browsed and found interesting or useful. This is far from a complete collection and many links may be broken by now... If you don't find the link to your site here please let me know at so I can add it in. I would also appreciate it if you would add my site to your links page.

Number one killifish link: 
This site, maintained by Dr. Jean Huber, contains a wealth of information on EVERY SINGLE KILLIFISH species. You need to pay a meager $15 every 2 years to get access but it is worth it!

Number two killifish link: Forum

Killifish Associations

International Killifish Association

International Killifish Conservation Project

American Killifish Association

Arizona Rivulin Keepers

Austrian Killifish Club

The Bay Area Killifish Association

British Killifish Association

Czech Killifish Club

Killifish Nederland (KFN)

French Killifish Association(KCF)

There are two alternative DKG sites. The first is an english translation of the old site and the next the new German version.
German Killifish Society(DKG)|Deutsche Killifisch Gemeinschaft

Greater Cincinnati Killifish Association

Italian Killifish Association
(this site has a great "Links" page!!!)

Portuguese Killifish Association

National Australian Killifish Association

New Zealand Killifish Association

Scandanavian Killifish Club

Belgium Killifish Association

Russian Killifish Association

South African Killifish Society

South American Annuals

Private and Group Sites

Alf & Anitas Killipage!

Andre Carletto's Fishroom

Anthony Conrad's Killifish site

Aquariophil von Marco Endruweit

Aquarium Gone Wild Peru, collectors and exporters of wild ornamental fish.

Aquaristik ohne Geheimnisse von Olaf Deters

Alexander Dorn's Die seite uber Prachtgrundkärpflinge

Bitter Exotics

Below Water: The Red Island Damba Project

Bill Shenefelt’s Site

Bombina orientalis web page

C.L.O.F.F.A. : the killifish article search engine

David Ramsey's Webpage

The Desert Springs Action Committee

Dover Killies by Andy Langione

Dr. Pez Taller de Killis

Elegans Study Work Group

Everett Talavera`s Aplocheilus Lineatus Web Site

Finn Larsen

Francisco Casado's Notho Page

Gary L. Bartell's Webpage

Hansi's Killishop

The Harrison's Home Page

Henk's Killi Site

Henrik Korzen's Killifish Home Page

Hiroshi’s Killifish Site

The Internation Killifish Conservation Programt

J&M2 Tropicals

Julian Haffagee's African Annual Killi Website

Kenjiro Tanaka's website---A MUST SEE

The Killi Dome

Killie Doze

Killies by Ruth

Killi Taldea

Kjell Nilsson's site


Les Killies Annuels (d'Amérique du Sud)
All French but thank God for Alta Vista's translator.

Loh Kwek Leong's

Lorraine's Killies

Mania de Bicho Great site, use Alta Vista's translator if you can't read the language.

Martin Tversted's Website

Michael Schlüter's Weichwasserfische

MyHQ killi link site---an incredible array of links!

Nonn Panitvong's Site

Nothobranchius Page di Marc Bellemans

Nu Urth Net--Patrick J. Coleman's Site

Olivier Legros Chromaphyosemion Site

Paul Wu's Taiwan killies

The Roloffia Homepage

Rudolf Pohlmann Chromaphyosemion Site

Dr. Roger D. Brousseau's South American Annual Killifish

Santa Fe Tropical Fish

Thorups opdrætsside

Tim Addis' Killifish of Western Africa

The Fish Wizards-- Tony Terceira and David Rossi

David Mikkelsen's The Killifish Source

Vasco Gomez Killifish Site

Werner Eigelshofen's Killifische

Killivissen Wilfried Maesen

Wright Huntley’s Site


Last updated 1 July 2004