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A Guide to Keeping Killifish

Tyrone Genade

Keeping Killifish is a short book aimed at the beginning killifish keeper but contains information that will be of value to all killiphiles young and old. It is a pure text pdf document of about 60 pages and 400kb. It is available free of charge and can be downloaded off this site.

The book can be downloaded by clicking >>here<<. In this first version line numbers are supplied in the left margin so that should you find any errors you easily point it out to me so corrections can be made. If you would like to contribute information the line numbers can serve as a good marker to where you would like the information introduced or information ammended to suit your experience/data. Check back every now and then for newer versions.

Before making the large download, you can view the Table of Contents and Index of the book below:

Table of contents


 If you should find it of worth please send a cash donation to me towards feeding my fish and doing some killifish collecting/research. I am currently completing a PhD studying aging in Nothobranchius furzeri. Part of the work may entail a recollection from the original furzeri ponds in Gonarezhou, but mostly the money would be used to support myself and my research.

This book may one day become available in print and any donation will not qualify you for a paper copy. If you wish to send a friend a copy rather direct him to this site. I can be contacted at

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