Tyrone's Killifish & Orchids

My my book on killifish is available on this website as well as other information on tropical fish which includes a lot of other killifish information from the defunct South African Killifish Society and Rudolf Koubek's Killifish from Gabon.

My exploits in natural science are documented in brief with my M.Sc. thesis on adrenal steroidogenesis available in full. As there seems to much amazement of how a man of science can also be religious I have decided to keep a shortish blurb on this matter on the site. Feel free to disagree.

I have recently rekindled my interest in orchids and have posted some information. I take regular hikes up into the local mountains and some photos and info is posted here. Photos from my hikes tend to feature the local orchids so there is a lot of cross-over between these two subjects. The account of my trip to Madagascar is still on the site.

Some links to website I frequent are below.


"Submit to God and accept the word that he plants
in your hearts, which is able to save you.
"  ---  James 1:21

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