My life in science

My MSc thesis concerned the construction of a mathematical model of adrenal steroid production.

After my MSc I went to Italy to help establish Nothobranchius killifish as model organisms for aging research. My work in Italy is discussed in the two publications: Annual fishes of the genus Nothobranchius as a model system for aging research (Genade et al, Aging Cell (2005) 4 , pp223233) and Resveratrol Prolongs Lifespan and Retards the Onset of Age-Related Markers in a Short-Lived Vertebrate (Valenzano et al Current Biology (2006) 16, pp15). Abstracts are available on Pubmed. Any questions, feel free to ask.

How the fish were raised in captivity is discussed in the document: LABORATORY MANUAL FOR CULTURING N. furzeri (113kb) by T. Genade at

My Thesis on N. guentheri aging can be downloaded here (10 mb).

My current research can be found on my Northwestern College webpage.

All my research outputs are available at Google Scholar.

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