How Koubek cares for his Aphyosemions

1  Tank setup

All of Koubek's tanks are in a air conditioned room kept at 20°C. He uses 20 and 30 gallon tanks (60 × 32 × 38 cm and 90 × 32 × 38 cm) that are well planted with Java moss and fern. The room is well lit but there is no overhead lighting over the tanks. The tanks are covered with a cover glass. Regular water changes of 30% are performed. The water is soft and slightly acidic.

2  Feeding

Only live food is used. The fish are given regular feeding of live daphnia and other pond collected arthropods and larvae. Feeding is supplemented with grindal and microworms fed on crushed peanuts.

3  Species tanks?

Many killies occur sympatric with other killies. Likewies, Koubek keeps different species together being careful only to mix fish that cannot hybridize. Naturally members of the Cameronense complex will not be kept together. A typical mix is that of Aphyosemion punctatum and Aphyosemion rectogoense or A. occelatum and A. jorgenscheeli. Under such conditions competitive conditions the fish are more productive and active.


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Aphyosemion cameronense "K98 yellow fins",
Photo by Rudolf Koubek

Aphyosemion cameronense "K99 NW Congo",
Photo by Rudolf Koubek

Aphyosemion herzogi "K98 99 red",
Photo by Rudolf Koubek

Aphyosemion kunzi "TT K99",
Photo by Rudolf Koubek

Diapteron seegersi,
Photo by Dirk Bellstedt

Diapteron abacinum,
Photo by Mach Fukada

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